Applied Improv Exercise: Censor

A lot of people approach Improv Effects having only one conception of what improv entails. “You guys have to think on your feet, right?”

While there’s a lot more that goes into it than that, there certainly is an element of just coming up with thoughts on the spot. So, for this newsletter, we’ve included the one of the most “think on your feet” exercises we do. It’s called Censor, and it’s an amazing confidence builder. Censor shows that you have the ability to slow down and come up with ideas quickly when you have to go off-script.

This is a fun exercise to loosen up before a presentation or pitch. It’s fun, readies the participant for the unexpected, and puts focus on a calm, composed presentation.

Tip for this exercise: Don't feel pressured to come up with the perfect things to say; the focus is on staying composed and confident when forced to quickly change directions.

Have fun!

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Brian at WMU Haworth College of Business

Whether you're looking to ease into a culture change, want solutions for conflict resolution or are looking for more communication tools when it's time to go "off script," applied improv will provide great take-aways for your team. It makes for a great team building event too!

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It's improvisation, but there's a method to the madness. We have a proven process that begins with simple communication concepts, which then build on themselves until we arrive at specific, real-world techniques for effective, positive communication. 

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Let us know how we can introduce the benefits of improv to your group. In addition to performing and coaching improv for years, we have backgrounds in sales management, event planning, focus group facilitation, business development and small business ownership.

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