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Conflict Resolution:

Starting with, "Yes!"

"This workshop opened my eyes to bad habits I had that should have seemed obvious to me, but weren't."

- Workshop feedback form, Lake Michigan Financial Corporation

Conflict can be caused by separate, competing sets of ideas. The more someone’s ideas are challenged, the more they will often “dig in” on their position, closing the doors on positive, effective communication with co-workers, employees, superiors, or clients.

Our Conflict Resolution workshop explores this impulse to say, “No” to outside ideas or criticism. We facilitate exercises that give people the tools to draw out the best in others, keep an open mind and – ultimately – engage with others in a way that produces one shared idea instead of two competing sets of them.

It involves:

- Starting with “Yes!”

- Finding the opportunities in obstacles

- Active listening

- Putting yourself in the position of the listener


Great for creative teams, companies looking to improve communication effectiveness, or summits and retreats in need of positive and fun team building workshops.


See what a workshop looks like here.


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