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Change Management: Finding the "Yes."

"I would definitely recommend Improv Effects to anyone looking for a fresh and engaging way to deliver training."

- Jodi DeRoo, Lake Michigan Financial Corporation

Why do we reject change? There are so many opportunities that come with it.


In improv, change is a constant and something to be embraced and explored. Improvisers aren’t in a position to question or deny it. They have to seamlessly adapt and then quickly look for opportunities.


This workshop examines the techniques improvisers practice to respond to change and will give your team the tools to not just embrace change, but build on it.

It involves:

- Finding the opportunities in obstacles

- Developing a, “Yes, and . . .” mentality

- Going with the “second” or “third” response

Our Responding to Change workshop coaches daily, tangible techniques that will help you implement change with more efficiency.


Great for times of culture change and fun, positive team building events. And just as effective and meaningful for the seasoned employee as the new hire!


See what a workshop looks like here.


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