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Team Building

"We had an absolute blast!  Very rarely do we get together as a team and have a solid four hours of fun while learning a few things along the way." - Brian Bennett, PerkinElmer

Whether you're integrating new employees, hosting a summit with people from different departments or just looking for a fun, collaborative day for the team, an Improv Effects team building workshop is an event your organization will be talking about for a long time.


This workshop starts with fun, ice-breaker games and transitions into storytelling and collaboration exercises. The added bonus is that there are great take-aways as well. Participants leave with more confidence and compassion than they headed in with, as well as some effective communication techniques. And, anyone can do it. Unlike that ropes course or kickball game you're considering, improv exercises are inclusive, safe and supportive . . . as well as a lot of fun!

The team-building workshop involves:

- Storytelling

- Positive collaboration

- Bringing out the best in others​


Great for summits, retreats, orientations or a fun day at the office.


See what a workshop looks like here.


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