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"We found this program to be an unconventional and effective way of teaching our staff and MBA students to be flexible and react quickly to changing conditions." 

- Satish Deshponde, Assoc. Dean, Haworth College of Business

“I want my team to be able to think on their feet.”

We hear this a lot, and have designed our Rapid Engagement workshop to give people tools to respond quickly when it’s time to go off script.

This workshop examines what it means to “think on one’s feet,” and breaks the skill down into distinct coachable components.

What people refer to as “thinking on your feet,” improvisers call “being in the moment.”


Rapid Engagement: Dropping the Script

It involves:

- Active listening

- Putting the needs of the interaction above personal agendas

- Making strong choices and committing to them

- Tying in the interests of the listener

- Storytelling

Our Rapid Engagement workshop will help give your team the ability to converse quickly and meaningfully with customers, clients and co-workers even when the unexpected comes up.


Great for teams that have a lot of personal interaction with customers and clients.


See what the workshop looks like here.


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