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What clients are saying . . .

"Improv Effects is bright, able to align with customer objectives, energetic, plan for success and can find a way to be entertaining with a potentially dry subject matter. I highly recommend Improv Effects."

-       Ken Sunden, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, NexThermal Corporation

“Having conducted sales meetings for many years now, finding ways to effectively train colleagues with various market challenges around the globe with impact is always a challenge.  I currently have a major sales meeting twice a year with colleagues attending from North America, Europe and Asia.  We brought Dann and Brian from Improv Effects into our meeting and they nailed it.  They provided a fresh, entertaining and most importantly, effective means to strengthen the skills of our team.  Communicating effectively remains the core challenge to building effective teams; Improv Effects helped us get there.”

-      Ed Amat, Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, MPI Research

“We had an absolute blast! Very rarely do we get together as a team and have a solid four hours of fun while learning a few things along the way. Like you guys said, this isn’t magic, it’s just practiced tools to better relate to people. Thanks again and I am glad we did this.”

-       Brian Bennett, Group Leader, Midwest Region, PerkinElmer

“My experience with Improv Effects was with a professional networking group called Ignite Southwest Michigan. I found the skills and strategies that were taught during our session to be extremely applicable to many areas of my life both personally and professionally. Since taking the Improv Effects class, I’ve made a consistent effort to listen more versus responding too quickly. And, this workshop is FUN!  Our group found it to be a fantastic team building session. I would highly recommend investing in an Improv Effects experience.”

-       Ali Satkoski, Stryker Instruments

“We were looking for a fresh approach to sales training and something that would keep the group engaged in the process. Brian and Dann definitely exceeded our expectations and provided insight to our team about their own strengths and weaknesses. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun!”

-       Perry Wolfe, Community President/Senior Lender, Chemical Bank

“We found this program to be an unconventional and effective way of teaching our staff and MBA students to be flexible, improve listening skills, react quickly to changing conditions, and manage uncomfortable situations.”

-       Satish Deshpande, Associate Dean for Operations, Haworth College of Business

Brian and Dann did a fabulous job working with a segment of our management group to improve their communication skills in a fun and thought provoking way. I would definitely recommend Improv Effects to anyone looking for a fresh and engaging way to deliver training.”

-       Jodi DeRoo, Training Manager, Lake Michigan Financial Corporation

“Brian and Dann are an absolute delight to work with. They took our goals and turned them into practice in two separate workshops. Their combined expertise from both an improv and business background clearly translated into workshops that far exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Improv Effects for all groups who are looking toward strengthening relationships, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and empowering people to push themselves and show their true character. We look forward to continuing to partner with Brian and Dann!”

-       Emily Craig, Program Administrator, Foreign Links Around the Globe

From our anonymous feedback forms . . .

“The workshop kept everyone involved, was fun, and reinforced positive personal interaction and relationship building techniques.” – Participant, Chemical Bank


“I liked that we were actually participating in exercises instead of just taking notes and listening.” – Participant, Biggs-Gilmore


“It got me way out of my comfort zone, and it was a ton of fun too!” – Participant, Ignite Committee


“I enjoyed this much more than other workshops I have been a part of. I learned about others in a fun way, and came back with useful information. I would recommend it to other teams.” – Participant, Chemical Bank


“This was so much better and more productive than just sitting in a presentation.” – Participant, Biggs-Gilmore


“This is one of the best workshops I’ve attended in relevance to the work I do.”  – Participant, Biggs-Gilmore


“I really enjoyed the interaction between not just the attendees, but Dann and Brian as well. Even though most attendees were out of their comfort zone, they were made to feel very at ease by the two facilitators.” – Participant, Haworth College of Business


“Fun and educational! – Participant, Haworth College of Business


"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop presented by Dann and Brian. They were very professional, yet friendly and funny. They made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. I’m glad we were able to have them all day at the retreat.” – Participant, Haworth College of Business


“The workshop opened my eyes to bad habits I had that should have seemed obvious, but weren’t.  – Participant, Lake Michigan Financial Corporation


“I enjoyed the fact that I learned some new skills in a fun way. I didn't feel like I was at work and the best part was that what we were learning is applicable not only in the workplace but in real life.” – Participant, Lake Michigan Financial Corporation


“It was a completely wonderful experience! I wish we had done a two-day program, or at least a full 8 hours. It was fun to get my brain going quickly while learning some great new applicable skills!” – Participant, Lake Michigan Financial Corporation


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